ZimVAC 2019 Urban Livelihoods Assessment


Last year’s drought was one of the worst on record – shrivelling maize in farmers’ fields. (Aaron Ufumeli/TNH)

• ZimVAC, a consortium of Government, Development Partners and Academia, acts as a technical advisory committee which focuses on designing and implementing a national Food and Nutrition Security Information System.

• ZimVAC was established in 2002 and is chaired by FNC, a department in the Office of the President and Cabinet whose mandate is to promote a multi-sectoral response to food and nutrition security challenges with the vision of ensuring that every Zimbabwean is free from hunger and malnutrition.

• ZimVAC undertakes urban and rural Livelihoods Assessments to generate information to be used for policy formulation and programming by Government and its Development Partners.

• ZimVAC supports Government, particularly FNC in:

• Convening and coordinating stakeholders on national food and nutrition security issues in Zimbabwe

• Charting a practical way forward for fulfilling legal and existing policy commitments in food and nutrition security

• Advising Government on strategic directions in food and nutrition security

• Undertaking a “watchdog role” and supporting and facilitating action to ensure commitments in food and nutrition are kept on track by different sectors through a number of core functions such as:

• Undertaking food and nutrition assessments, analysis and research,

• Promoting multi-sectoral and innovative approaches for addressing food and nutrition insecurity, and:

• Supporting and building national capacity for food and nutrition security including at sub-national levels.

• To date, ZimVAC has conducted seven urban livelihoods assessments since its inception, the 2019 Urban Livelihoods Assessment being the seventh

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