Fear of match-fixing, ICC will monitor Pakistan-Zimbabwe match in Rawalpindi

In the ongoing T20 National Cup in Rawalpindi, the International Cricket Council (ICC) took notice and got the details of the Bookies' contact with Pakistan cricketers.

In last week, The Pakistan Cricket Board confirms that during the ongoing National T20 Cup in Rawalpindi, the alleged bookie has contacted a player, and later he arrest and under investigation in Islamabad by FIA.

The PCB said its anti-corruption unit carried out investigations before escalating the matter to the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) for enquiries.

On the other side, International Cricket Council (ICC) take notice of the ongoing development and send the details report about this incident to Headquarters.

Sources told Zimbabwean, The ICC has decided to take full action against match-fixing and co-operate with the Pakistan Cricket Board in the investigation. ICC will monitor Pakistan-Zimbabwe match in Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Sources told Zimbabwean, PCB officials say that our cooperation with the ICC is continuing as usual. The Pakistan Cricket Board has a zero tolerance policy on match-fixing.

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