Zimbabwe motorists to pay more as government hikes road tolling, vehicle licensing fees

HARARE (Xinhua) -- The Zimbabwe government has raised road tolling fees by 166 percent for small vehicles, while heavy vehicles will pay nearly 120 percent more.

The increases, in effect from Friday, will ensure more funding for road development and rehabilitation as the country approaches the raining season, said Tendai Mugabe, public relations and marketing manager of Zimbabwe National Road Administration.

Tolling fees for light motor vehicles that fall under Class 1 will now pay 120 Zimbabwe dollars (ZWL), up from 45 ZWL; Class 2 vehicles will now pay 180 ZWL, up from the previous 80 ZWL.

Fees for Class 3 buses are now 240 ZWL, up from 90 ZWL, while those for Class 4 heavy vehicles have been increased from 115 ZWL to 300 ZWL and those for Class 5 haulage trucks went up to 590 ZWL, up from 225 ZWL.

Vehicle licensing fees have also been increased from 750 ZWL to 1,800 ZWL for light motor vehicles, and vehicles with a net mass of 10,750kg and above will now have to pay 30,000 ZWL, up from 11,250 ZWL.

The average exchange rate for the local currency is now at 1 U.S. dollar to 81.71 ZWL, according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the central bank.

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