Chigodo sanitises players behind the walls

Cyril Chigodo who is also a Zimbabwe Prisons Correctional Officer is the winner won the just ended which was held at Harare Central Officers Messy Hall on the 18th of April, which was also Independence day. He won the tournament with 6 out of 7 games played, winning 5 games and drawing two games against Chikwature Collin and Elisha Thabo respectively.

Chikwature held his own against Chigodo as he salvaged a
draw in a pulsating position in which he was threatening a mate in
one, which Chigodo saved by a perpetual check. This was all done with
less than twenty seconds remaining on the clock.Chigodo finished with
the same points as Elisha Thabo but he had a superior buccholz.

Chigodo pocketed 4500 RTGs, as the best Official from prisons as well
as the overall best player of the tournament. Elisha Thabo pocketed
2000 RTGs, while Collins Chikwature and Kenneth Chiwakaya were tied on
third position with 5.5 points sharing 1500 RTGs. The best lady of the
tournament was Woman Candidate Master Kudzanayi Charinda who amassed 5
points and pocketed a cool 2000 RTGs for her efforts.Tapiwa Gora,
Kudakwashe Sibanda, Chinhanga Tinashe, Muungani Adolf, Chimbamu Elisha
and Kudzanayi Charinda all finished with five points. Yours truly took
part in this rapid tournament event which was 10 minutes plus 5
seconds increment, finishing with 4.5 out of 7 games played.

Tinashe Chinhanga survived by the whisker in a pulsating and tantalising game
which left the opponent clueless but eventually managed to defend
under time pressure in a game in which he defended well. Eventually he
salvaged a draw as he managed to solve the mating combination in an
equal position in which each player had a Queen , rook and pawns.
Hurumba Arnold of Harare Central was the best inmate with 4.5 points
followed by Zulu Moses was the second best performing inmate with 4
points and Gwenzi Kingstone of Kentucky prison  was the third best
performing inmate with the same points but inferior buccholz. The trio
received some hampers for their efforts which motivated them so much
as these are well deserved in well fought games. The tournament had 31
prison officials and inmates who took part as well as 15 players from
the Zimbabwe Chess federation.A total 46 players took part in this
historical tournament which is likely to be an annual event.

The President Dr. Collen Tongowona also took part in this social event
which relaxed the minds of the inmates as one inmate opined.
Commissioner General as well as the Deputy Commissioner of Prisons
took part in the proceedings of the tournament as they also pushed the
pawns and other chess pieces in solidarity with the other officials
and inmates as well as ZCF players. The President also promised the
inmates some chess sets, while one inmate in his vote of thanks,
thanked ZCF for the colourful hosting of the tourney and requested for
some chess clocks . Dr. Msambo requested for inclusion of the inmates
in terms of virtual chess so that the inmates can also enjoy the same
as their counterparts outside since chess is one of the most powerful
tools of rehabilitation.

The Chief Arbiter for this important event on
the calendar was IA Simbarashe Murimi. Mr Cosmas Dongo also helped so
is the Secretary General Todd Mapingire was among the ZCF Committee
members who made this event possible. It was indeed a success as the
games were played in a conducive calm and quiet environment as the
confines of chess games rules and regulations.

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