Young Zimbabwean cricketer is supporting Pakistan against New Zealand in ODI cricket Series

The young Zimbabwean, Mr. Jerry came from Harare to learn cricket, especially in Pakistan. And these days he is training at Lahore Park Line Cricket Club.

Due to the deep friendship between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, not only is the Pakistan Cricket Board cooperating with him, but the Lahore club has also provided him with special benefits free of cost.

Zimbabwean cricketer Jerry told The Zimbabwean in an exclusive interview that he receives a lot of love in Pakistan so now he feels at home here. Pakistanis love cricket immensely.

Zimbabwean cricketer says he will support Pakistan in New Zealand ODI series. What is special about the Pakistani team is that after 18 years, world cricket is being revived at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, and this is a historic occasion.

“I am definitely supporting Pakistan because Pakistan is their second home after the Zimbabwean cricket team,” he added. He also said that Fellow cricketers here are teaching me cricket in a very good way.

“I am confident that I will fulfill my dream in Pakistan. I want to become an international cricketer and join the Zimbabwean team,” said Jerry.

Rawalpindi International cricket stadium will host three International One Day cricket series between Pakistan and New Zealand from 17th September to 21th September.

In the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket, during COVID pandemic RCS hosting 25% cricket fans in the stadium with COVID SOP prepared by The Pakistan cricket board.

17 Sep 2021- 1st ODI – Pakistan v New Zealand
19 Sep 2021 – 2nd ODI – Pakistan v New Zealand
21 Sep 2021- 3rd ODI – Pakistan v New Zealand

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