Challenges of Motorsports in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the African countries with constant political turmoil, hyperinflation, and power outages lasting up to 15 hours. It is the country with prices of goods differing based primarily on the currency you are paying with. It is also the place where people spend hours at the local fuel queue.

Zimbabwe is also one of the African countries eager to boost its motorsports industry. The sports car race in this landlocked republic is unlike the Race at Road America, as they usually end up sharing the circuit with the Saloon Car Championship when the entries are few.

Challenges facing Motorsport Industry in Zimbabwe

Here are some of the challenges the motorsports industry is facing in Zimbabwe:

  • Lack of government support

Zimbabwe has undergone almost 50 years of war, hyperinflation, land grabs, food shortages, and a considerable collapse of every major industry.

Nothing happens in the country without the government being aware. However, the Zimbabwean government has done almost nothing to fully show its support for this exciting and thrilling sport.

Few other African countries can boast of having a thriving motorsport industry. Zimbabwe has potential for  becoming one of the go-to African countries for motorsport events.

This will only be possible if the Zimbabwean government focuses more on motorsport development. This also includes assigning a large expanse of land and constructing durable roads that will promote the sport in every part of the country.

  • Political instability

Politics play a crucial role in the development of any nation. The political instability in Zimbabwe has not given rise to a favorable climate that supports the motorsport industry and other emerging industries. 

Only time will tell if this will change any time soon, as more and more people are openly supporting the development of the motorsports industry in Zimbabwe.

  • Lack of investors

The political atmosphere and the government of the great country of Zimbabwe have not openly permitted investors to further develop the country’s motorsport industry. This is not to imply or say that there are no investors in Zimbabwe’s motorsport industry. There are a few, but there should be more.


Zimbabwe may be a country with constant political turmoil, unstable electricity supply, food shortages, and hyperinflation. But one thing that cannot be faulted is the people’s love for motorsports. That said, we may yet see this country’s potential for motosport flourish in the future.


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