CityLab Daily: As the Capital Decays, Zimbabwe Plans a New City for the Rich

Zimbabwe’s political leaders have a remedy for the collapse of the capital Harare: Build a new, shinier one with as much as $60 billion of other people’s money. 

An artist impression of Zim Cybercity.
An artist impression of Zim Cybercity.

Source: Zim Cybercity

With promises of pristine walkways, towering high rises and luxury malls, the new “cybercity” Mount Hampden will cater to elites who’d rather not come face-to-face with the poverty and neglect that’s taken over the once well-maintained capital — a reflection of a national economy that’s all but collapsed.

Critics say that in his quest for investments for the new city, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is failing to address the underlying issues. And with grounds still largely bare, it remains uncertain whether Mount Hampden will ever be built, write Ray Ndlovu and Archana Narayanan. Today on CityLab: Zimbabwe Plans a New City for the Rich

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