On World Elephant Day 2023, I want to say a big thank you to all of you who love elephants as much as I do.

Both of these images were sent to me recently, with one saying “the kiss that changed my world”…. What a privilege for me to have had the opportunity to make this sort of impact…. I do still, however, feel mourning, for all of the elephants who continue to suffer through so much still going on around the world, devastating them.

And additional grieving too, for my own personal situation – now dealing with progressive, chronic illness – for my hopes, plans, dreams and so much more that I still wanted to do.

Everything forever changed… But kind messages continue to tell me that ELEPHANT DAWN is still inspiring others to do more. To care more. To watch out for more. To spread more awareness…. A very special thank you goes out to you all.

(Elephant Dawn is still available online in paper, ebook, audio and CD. Keep an eye out too for my first properly published book (originally published in South Africa), The Elephant & I, which will be available on Amazon soon – as an ebook and in paper copy – for those who prefer a more serene account written carefully, out of necessity, while I was still living in Zimbabwe.

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