HARARE – Thirteen Zanu PF supporters who were arrested over the death of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) August last year have been released from pre-trial detention.

They were arrested during the run-up to the August 2023 election on charges of public violence which resulted in the death of Chitsunge in Glen View, Harare.

The accused named in court documents are Cleopas Ndlovu, 27, Ruzivo Mapuranga, 39, and 11 others.

Prosecutors allege the group disrupted a CCC rally at a Glen View field, resulting in Chitsunge’s death by stoning. The defence presented a different sequence of events.

According to court documents, the 13 clashed with police sent to secure a sanctioned CCC rally elsewhere in Glen View.

The group allegedly arrived early at the field, disregarded police orders to leave, and became violent after an argument. Police reportedly used tear gas to disperse them.

The defence claims opposition supporters arrived as the initial altercation subsided, leading to fierce clashes which saw the rivals hurl stones at each other.

They allege CCC supporters retreated to their vehicles to escape the alleged attackers.

Tinashe Chitsunge reportedly died during this clash while some vehicles were also damaged and property was stolen during the violence.

Magistrate Simon Kandiyero released the 13 on 22 March after their lawyer successfully argued against further remand.

The case can resume if prosecutors decide to summon them for trial.