Ramaphosa’s Zimbabwe envoys are compromised, they should be withdrawn

Ramaphosa’s Zimbabwe envoys are compromised, they should be withdrawn

We are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to withdraw his appointment of Baleka Mbete and Sydney Mufamadi as Special envoys to Zimbabwe because of their political bias towards the ZANU-PF-led regime in Zimbabwe.

Quiet diplomacy or quiet complicity

Quiet diplomacy or quiet complicity

Then hundreds of people were butchered… Ramaphosa needs to show real leadership

Mnangagwa risks spat with Ramaphosa, blocks envoys from meeting rivals

Mnangagwa risks spat with Ramaphosa, blocks envoys from meeting rivals

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa risked a diplomatic spat with South Africa on Monday after blocking two special envoys sent by President Cyril Ramaphosa to gather information on human rights violations in Zimbabwe from meeting his rivals and rights groups.

Mugabe buys cars to keep middle ranks happy

HARARE - The Zimbabwean government has splashed US$4 million buying 320 luxury vehicles for middle-ranking police officers and plans to spend a further US$10 million on...

Junior policemen fume at ‘cruelty’

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe police commissioner Augustine Chihuri has banned police officers, who are among some of...

Fuel rationing returns

HARARE - Zimbabwean filling stations were extending fuel rationing on Monday in response to an acute...

Police accused of corruption

HARARE - Police commissioner Augustine Chihuri has ordered the immediate withdrawal of police officers stationed at...

Govt admits failure of ‘new’ farmers

HARARE - Black farmers must use stolen white farms properly as the government was tired of...

3 000 a week dying of AIDS says new report

By a Correspondent
LONDON- Abusive practices by the Zimbabwe authorities, coupled with inadequate health and social welfare...

Decline in state brutality – Forum

LONDON- Human rights violations declined in June because there was less activity by civil society organisations,...

The once beautiful Book Fair sculpture park now resembles a car park.

HARARE- A handful of school children, a few tatty stands and some tables sparsely scattered with...

News in Shona 10-08-06

AIDS inouraya zviuru zvitatu pasvondo
(3 000 a week die of AIDS)
HARARE - Kushaya hanya...

Shopping Basket 10-08-06

Suburban supermarket 6/08/06 REVALUED Z$
Buttercup Margarine - 500 grams 320.00
Heinz Mixed Jam - 900...

Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb

16/4/06 23/4/06 30/4/06 Increase, 1 wk
Mealie meal 10kg, refined Z$368,000.00 Z$472,000.00 Z$368,000 -22.0%
tomatoes 1kg...

Ndebele 10-08-06

Abantu abazinkulungwane ezintathu bayafa ngeviki ngomkhuhlane we ngculaza
(3 000 a week die of AIDS )
E Harare:...

Mozambicans vent anger at Charamba

MUTARE - An angry crowd of Mozambican informal traders last week barred President Robert Mugabe's spokesman...