Zimbabwe regime should start by being a friend to all Zimbabweans instead of treating us as enemies

There once was a man (a very cruel and mean man) who found psychopathic and sadistic pleasure in brutalizing his wife and children, whilst wasting resources on his own lustful selfish pursuits – yet his family abandoned to the savage caprices of ravaging hunger, harrowing improvement, and subjecting them to ruthless beating up and torture should they complain.

Zimbabwe’s bumper harvest: what explains the success?

Zimbabwe’s bumper harvest: what explains the success?

As farmers turn to the next season with the beginning of the rains, the country is in a good position having reaped a bumper harvest in 2020/21.

Govt adamant on child marriages

Govt adamant on child marriages

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is adamant that it has
accomplished a lot in stopping child marriages in Zimbabwe despite
some reported rising cases of the pervasive practice.

SADC must push for inclusive dialogue in Zimbabwe

SADC must push for inclusive dialogue in Zimbabwe

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an umbrella body of civil society organisations operating in Zimbabwe, has noted pronouncements by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to the effect that Zimbabwe and the SADC region are committed to “meaningful and constructive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders with a view to consolidate the rule of law, democracy, governance and human rights”.

Communique of the residents summit held in Gweru

Communique of the residents summit held in Gweru

Residents Associations from across the country met in Gweru from 4-5 October 2021 to deliberate ways through which they can strengthen citizen

The inspiration of sculptress Lorcadia Ndandarika

'Sculpture is not just stone, it is language that speaks to the mind'
Five decades ago, it would have been rare to meet a woman...

Shopping basket 18/05/06

Bread - 115,000.00
Nido Milk Powder - 200 grams 437,000.00
Oats - 200 grams 414,000.00
Milk - 500 ml...

Hitschman’s health deteriorates

MUTARE - Licensed gun dealer, Peter Hitschman, arrested two months ago on spurious charges of plotting...

Student Watch

By Violet Gonda
08 May 2006
18 students from Bindura University were arrested as the impasse over harsh...

News briefs cont. 11/05/06

Nat Parks suspends hunting
BULAWAYO - The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has suspended hunting of conservancies...

Shopping Basket

Supermarket prices: Harare northern suburbs

Around Zimbabwe 11/05/06

Celebrity backing for 'Dignity. Period!'
HARARE - After receiving nothing but laughter from Zanu (PF) members...

News in brief 11/05/06

US envoy speaks out against propagandist press
HARARE - The outspoken American ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell,...

News in Ndebele 11/05/06

Tonga people reject researcher's claims
AmaTonga aphika imibiko yabacubunguli.
BINGA -Thina abantu bosendo lweSiTonga sethula lumbiko siphendula okuphume...

WOZA fights for education

'Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty but government has thrown away the...

Mugabe can run but cannot hide – MDC

HARARE - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is due to address a star rally in Budiriro this...

Ingredients for a successful protest

What makes a successful mass protest? Why are some mass protests successful and...

MDC vows to bring down ‘Iron Curtain’

HARARE - The MDC has promised that, when given the chance to govern Zimbabwe, it will...