Houses melt in rain

Observers blamed poor workmanship, hasty construction using unskilled labour, and corruption as among the reasons for the disintegration of some 20 houses, built under Operation Garikai, in the not unseasonable cloudburst. I am sure the proper amount of cement was not used because there is no cemen

t in Zimbabwe and there has not been for some time, said one disgusted resident. And these bricks have been made by green bomber youth brigades who dont know the proper way of making bricks. They have also not bee properly fired because there are not enough trees left to cut down to fire the bricks. The Garikai houses are being built by a combined workforce of soldiers, prisoners and ordinary Zimbabweans. A construction expert with the Ministry of Local Government told the press the blame should lie squarely with the supervisors. He blamed the “Garikai” construction team for lack of “basic building skills in mixing sand and cement”. He added that such a national project should be given “the seriousness it deserves not this kindergarten stuff”. A worker at the site was equally worried. He feared a situation where the government would refuse to pay them, citing poor workmanship. Paying salaries and wages to workers at “Operation Garikai” sites countrywide has been a problem. Salaries and wages for September were only paid last week.

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