Mugabe lures rural voters with food

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe's government has instructed the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) to flood rural areas with cheap grain to bolster the ruling party's already impressive chances of winning next weekend's rural district council elections.
"Zanu (PF) is taking these elections very

seriously because it is seen as a major opportunity to prove to the outside world that the party still enjoys the support of the masses, nothing is being left to chance,” said a senior official at the agriculture ministry who spoke on condition he was not named.
The official said: “GMB employees will be present at Zanu (PF) campaign rallies to distribute maize at heavily subsidised prices. Obviously MDC (opposition Movement for Democratic Change party) supporters will be left out because they will not be these rallies anyway.”
Agriculture minister Joseph Made confirmed ordering the GMB to channel more maize to rural areas but rejected that this was in order to buy votes, saying it was then duty of the government to feed hungry people whether or not there was an election.
He said: “When we don’t give the people maize you say the government has failed, when we give them enough maize you turn around and say it is politicking. You are confused. Anyway, if people vote for a party with their welfare at heart then I don’t see a problem. Only journalists see a problem where there is none.” – ZimOnline

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