Open Letter to Botswana President, Festus Mogae

As a Zimbabwean Christian, I believe I have a moral obligation to challenge you concerning the abuse of Zimbabwean immigrants by your government.
I'm shocked that your government accepts abuse and mistreatment of Zimbabweans in Botswana and is largely responsible for wholesale of abuses and human

degradation. Thousands of Zimbabweans who have fled for refugee to your country are being tortured, abused and subjected to inhuman treatment by Botswana authorities. Members of your soldiers and Service Support Group (SSG) have been accused of raping helpless women along Botswana-Zimbabwe border. Most of these cases are not being brought to attention of media and Zimbabweans have limited access to the justice system in Botswana.
Botswana Chiefs are allegedly responsible for torture of many Zimbabweans. Zimbabwean refuges are tortured solely for the reason that they are found without valid travelling documents. Torture of innocent people is a great offence before God and man. Surely can the Botswana authorities torture the innocent and destroy their self-esteem for narrow and shallow reasons? Botswana is a signatory of UN Declaration on Human rights, which oppose any treatment that humiliate and degrade innocent and potential people.
On the other hand respected members of your government, Police, Chiefs, Soldiers, CIDs and immigration authorities are abusing Zimbabwean immigrants who have valid travelling passports. We have evidence of numerous cases of mistreatment of Zimbabweans (also from human rights groups based in Botswana). Botswana has a good international reputation of political stability and respect of human rights. I request that urgent measures be taken by your office to eliminate corruption, prejudice, tribalism and hard heartedness in Police, Army, Chiefs, CIDs and SSG when dealing with immigrants especially Zimbabweans.
Mr. President I have first hand experience of innocent Zimbabweans being harassed, oppressed and tortured by Botswana authorities. I urge your government to respect human dignity of our people. Any nation that does not respect dignity and rights of immigrants shall itself become an immigrant population.
Mr. President in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ I decry the abuse of helpless, disadvantaged, oppressed Zimbabweans who have fled to your country for relief and refugee. In the name of Jesus Christ I challenge you and your government to respond with love, justice, peace and tolerance to the needs of Zimbabweans who are being despised and abused in your country.
Mr. President, I make it clear to you that the struggle against tyrant in Zimbabwe is temporary. Political parties come and go but the love of God is permanent and kindness that will be shown to the suffering, long oppressed people of Zimbabwe will live forever. It is our prayer that your government will halt abuses of Zimbabwean as a matter of urgency.
Yours for the oppressed Zimbabweans in Botswana
Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason & Justice

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