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christopher_samakweriA move from Caps United to Monomotapa United appears to have breathed new life into midfielder Christopher Samakweri who has continued to hog the limelight since changing clubs. (Pictured: Christopher Samakweri)

The Zimbabwean on Sundays Grace Chirumanzu last week spoke to Samakweri in a bid to find out just what drives the man they call Samaz. Excerpts:
Grace Chirumanzu (GC): Tell us how it all started. Was playing soccer always the dream for Samaz?
Christopher Samakweri (CS): I started playing in 2000 when I was at Seke 4 High. I used to turn out for training for a club called Barzem F.C in Chitungwiza. I never made into the team but the players there believed there was a star in me. I was a person with dreams but I never imagined playing in the Champions League as I am doing today.
GC: You said the Champions League was never on the radar for you, so how has been the experience so far?
CS: I have come to realize that football is just football everywhere, whether we play very tall guys like those from Etoile du Sahel, the game does not change. The only challenge may be that of playing away from home because every team always makes use of their home ground advantage. No matter how small the clubs following is, just a team playing in its own country is enough motivation for that team.
GC: You will be playing Heartland of Nigeria, TP Mazembe from DRC and again Etoile du Sahel. Which of the teams in your Group do you think is likely to give you torrid times?
CS: I do not think there will be any, as I said football will always be football no matter which team you face. However, Etoile may give us a bit of a challenge when we play them in their country for the return leg, but Im happy that we managed to win against them here so we will travel to Tunisia knowing that we dont have any pressure.
GC: Monoz play Caps United in the Charity Cup, semi final on (Sunday) today.
CS: Yes and I am hoping that we win and get to the finals, not that I underrate our opponents but when we get on the field, we will be expecting nothing but victory.

Fullnames :Christopher Samakweri
D.O.B :31/ 07/ 1988
P.O.B :Chitungwiza
Nickname :Samaz
Jersey Number :17
Position :Right attacking midfielder
Previous Clubs :Caps F.C, Buymore
Current Club :Monomotapa

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