CIO propaganda docu taints Kay

Central Intelligence Organisation operatives and Zanu (PF) are stage managing a ‘colonial era’ documentary film designed to discredit MDC-T Marondera Central Legislator, Iain Kay, and the MDC ahead of coming elections.

Iain Kay
Iain Kay

Some 30 local Zanu (PF) villagers were conscripted to act in the documentary after being promised $1,000 each. Others were threatened into partaking.

“CIO agents are leading the project together with local notorious Zanu (PF) activists, Abel Nyandoro, Margaret Muzavazi, Tendai Mudavanhu, Mrs Kamusoko and Muziringa (a truck driver with the Zanu (PF) mouth piece, The Patriot),” said a local man.

A school teacher based at Dhirihori School who is a die hard Zanu (PF) fanatic, Mrs Musanhu, is among the top film supervisors. The film shooting was held at Dhirihori Business Center last Saturday and Neshamba Village on Monday, August 20.

“Villagers are taught falsified testimony about Kay’s brutality together with former members of the Rhodesia Selous Scouts. The propaganda documentary portrays MDC as a puppet project led by notorious former white Rhodesian soldiers,” said a top Zanu (PF) official following the project.

Zanu (PF) thugs such as Isaac Neshamba and Nodd Mupazvirihwo who reportedly committed atrocities against suspected MDC supporters and Iain Kay are playing major roles in the film. The suspects were also fingered in the politically motivated destruction of MDC-T Hebert Chapendama’s homestead and other property at Dhirihori.

The film is part of a smear campaign being waged by The Patriot against Kay, Roy Bennett, white officials of MDC and MDC-T as a party.

Villagers here described the project as a doomed and desperate bid by Zanu (PF) to derail MDC as a people-centred next government.

“The film project is doomed, as people no longer tune in to view Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services’ television programs. In fact, people know the good that Kay and MDC have done,” said a villager.

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