Renamo gunmen attack in Gorongosa and Maringue

Maputo (AIM) – Two people died on Wednesday morning in an attack by gunmen of the rebel movement Renamo against a police post on the main north-south road, at the entrance to the town of Gorongosa, in the central province of Sofala.

According to the Gorongosa district administrator, Manuel Jamaca, cited in Thursday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”, the attackers tried to surprise the unit stationed at the police post, but met stiff resistance, and withdrew after about half an hour. One of those who died was a member of the Frontier Guards, while the other was one of the attackers.

Jamaca said the attack occurred at about 01.00 in the morning, and involved four Renamo gunmen. The bodies of the two victims were taken to the morgue at Gorongosa District Hospital.

Also on Wednesday, Renamo gunmen attacked a car and a truck that was transporting a Caterpillar vehicle in the Sassangala area of Maringue district. The district administrator, Francisco Garifo, told the Maputo daily “Noticias” that the gunmen opened fire on the car at about 11.00, injuring its five occupants.

In the same area, a Renamo group ordered a truck driver to stop, and then set his truck and the caterpillar vehicle it was towing on fire. The blaze continued until at least the early afternoon.

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