Political violence, deprivation of food and denial of rights to education & health care

Zimbabwe Peace Project is introducing Monthly Monitoring Reports in video form.

ZPP MMR February 2017

The Zimbabwe Government remains in contempt of court and continues to flout the rule of law
More pro-democracy campaigners set free over anti-govt protests

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  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    This is excellent!

    By the way what is Zimbabwe Peace Project’s position on elections? Should elections go ahead with no meaningful political reforms implemented?

    Last time SADC was the only one calling for the reforms to be implemented before the elections. Most Zimbabweans NGO and civic society seemed to cheer MDC every step of the way until the elections. What good was it to write volumes of reports detailing vote rigging which every one KNEW was going to happen?

    Zimbabweans must do something to stop this madness of contesting flawed elections knowing the vote will be rigged!