12-km queue at Musina

BY ZAKEUS CHIBAYA MUSINA - 24-hour, 12-km-long queues greet thousands of Zimbabweans in this border town as they make a last minute rush to get home in time for Christmas. The N1 between Musina and Beit Bridge is reported to be severely grid-locked. "At least we are going back home and hope we are g

oing to find our relatives safe. I think the few rands I managed to save will greatly help my parents in these trying times,” Aaron Mazvava from a farm near Pietersburg. Some Zimbabweans were busy grouping themselves to hire transport to their home areas as they were afraid of hitch-hiking. Most of them fear that fuel and transport problems in Zimbabwe might spoil their Christmas and New Year celebrations. Most of the shops in Musina are flooded as Zimbabweans are making last minute shopping. “I have to buy grocery as I have been told that there nothing left in Zimbabwe and I hope to re-sell some of the basic commodities. I hope my child is still alive and it will great to meet him after a long period of time. The problem is that I am unable to get maize seed for farming for my parents,” said Memory Tshadu from Bulilamangwe who had been in South Africa for the last eight months. A snap survey with luxury buses revealed most of them are fully booked until New Year holidays. There are no seats available for passengers to Harare and Bulawayo. However, the issue is different with Zimbabwe asylum seekers who have to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in exile and unable to meet their relatives. They are not allowed to leave South Africa to Zimbabwe because of the condition of Section 22 Asylum permit.

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