Appalled by hunger strikers

EDITOR - I am appalled by the actions of Thando Mpofu and Amanda Sibiya, who have decided to die of hunger rather than be deported back to Zimbabwe. It has been reported in other media that they have suffered brain damage as a result. What baffles the mind is the fact that these people are non-e

ntities who cannot prove the notions they put across that they will face persecution back home by the government. It’s true that our government is not open to challenge and criticism, but people are exaggerating the whole thing just for the love of breaking their backs to get the pound.

Now we have a large number of our bank tellers, nurses and other professionals doing menial jobs in UK with their valuable talents wasting away. But it is important to note that these people do little or nothing to improve the lot of the people they leave at home.

During the apartheid era in South Africa a lot of people were displaced and fled into the Diaspora, but they did not give up the battle to restore sanity in their mother land. People like Miriam Makeba continued to lobby against the South African government when she was banned from home.

The sooner Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, particularly UK, realize that home is where they belong and start doing something for democracy, the sooner will Zimbabweans achieve true emancipation.

No one is going to rise up and take the yoke off our backs but ourselves. Week in week out I monitor the work of those holding vigils and the number of participants is only a fraction of people in UK. Most are probably docile and do not want to be seen running with something like that.

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora need to wake up and realize that change will not come from UN or Thabo Mbeki, but by participation of Zimbabweans regardless of where they are located in the Diaspora or at home. Hungering ourselves to death will only serve to prop up the regime back home.

Runyararo Mherekumombe, Harare

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