Chaos at beauty pageant

BY BRIGHTON CHIREKA LONDON - We always hear Zimbabweans claiming that they are better than other Africans. This may be true to some extent, but if you had watched the so called Miss Zimbabwe UK which is being shown on OBE TV channel then you would think otherwise. Many people tend to forget t

hat the reputation of a country is more important than personal fortunes. Some people do not care at all about the disastrous effects of their actions. Representing Zimbabwe brings many benefits and there is also a huge price to pay for it. People must know that there is a huge responsibility attached to representing our country. If you do not have what it takes then please do not pretend to represent us.

I was shocked to see the beauty pageant. At first I was glued to the TV so that I could watch my fellow countrymen and women putting our country on the world map. I was left speechless by the chaos that was being shown on TV for the entire world to see. One would think that Zimbabweans in the UK are well exposed to modern technology and would put up a better show to make us proud.

A friend of mine from Nigeria phoned me to find out if I had watched the programme and wanted to know my views about the show. I was ashamed by what I had seen on the TV to say the least. Preschool kids would put up a better show than the one that is being repeated on OBE TV. The unfortunate thing is that the show is purporting to represent the Zimbabweans in the UK. I know a lot of people who do not want to be associated with such chaos.

The beauty pageant started with 11 contestants who had not rehearsed prior to the show including the presenter. I could not believe my eyes when the last contestant for the traditional dress wear category started dancing as part of her catwalk. I was not surprised when the same contestant was part of the musical group that was performing at the show. I was puzzled as number of contestants for the next category was reduced to seven without an explanation as to what had happened to the other four girls. The same thing happened to the next category of nightwear, which had surprisingly six contestants.

At one point the presenter had to call the second contestant for the swimwear category who was late to come to the stage. The chaos continued unabated as the third contestant waved to the crowd as the presenter was making unprofessional comments about the catwalk.

Contestants were not behaving professionally – giggling instead of smiling when answering questions. The answers given by most of them showed that it was beauty without brains. The second contestant for the eveningwear category made a mistake when answering a question about the colours of our flag. She referred to our country as the breadwinner of Africa instead of bread basket. One contestant could not answer a simple question as to why she wanted to become a model. The presenter made the chaos worse as she appeared to be making up questions on stage as she went along.

The confusion was not only confined to the presenter and contestants only but it was also evident among the judges. They could not come up with the winners and had to ask the last three contestants more questions. They also made a big mistake of leaving only the three contestants for the final announcement of the winners. This spoiled the curiosity if there was any of wanting to know the winner. The chair reserved for the winner must have been picked from a nearby pub, as it was awful to say the least.

The only better part of the show was when musical group Hohodza performed. I was even surprised that they agreed to perform at that chaotic show in front of an empty hall. Their music was dealt a severe blow by OBE TV, which is notorious for poor sound quality on most of their programmes.- Comments welcome on [email protected]

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