Church remains silent

CANTERBURY - Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in England have decided to remain silent about a trip some of their bishops and media experts made to Zimbabwe earlier this month. The church's refusal to explain what some of their key personnel saw when they travelled to a country ruined by the dra

conian and merciless land “reform” policy of the ageing dictator Robert Mugabe has surprised Zimbabweans living in exile in the UK. “We have decided to say nothing about the visit paid to Zimbabwe by some English bishops,” said Mark Alderton, Media Head of the London – based Bishops’ Conference. “That was the agreement made with people on the ground in Zimbabwe.” Highly informed sources in the Catholic Church say that the Pope is concerned about the situation in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has lashed out at Archbishop Ncube. He recently branded him as a “satanist” and has several times accused him of being an “agent “of Tony Blair and Western interests. The courageous Ncube has always reacted strongly. Let them rant,” he said about Zanu (PF) and the ruling party’s attacks on the Catholic Church. “A Christian’s duty is to speak the truth and expose evil.” There are about three million Roman Catholics in Zimbabwe, 400, 000 of them living in Harare. Catholic leaders fear that Robert Muagbe is quite capable -in his final years – of destroying his final enemies -the country’s handful of remaining whites and all religious critics who he says are led by Archbishop Ncube. – From Trevor Grundy

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