Final Senate poll statistics

HARARE - The final results of the Senate poll show that a total of 631,347 people cast their votes. There were 3 239 574 registered voters. The final percentage poll was 19.48%. The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) says this is the lowest voter turnout ever experienced in the nation. ZESN at

tributes the low turn out to a number of factors, including lack of understanding of the role of the senate and the importance of voting, dwindling interest in the integrity of the ballot, the current economic hardships, the political crisis and lack of adequate voter education and information, especially knowledge and rationale of the new senatorial constituencies. ZESNs proposals for the way forward include: ” The need to allow all bona fide Zimbabweans the right to vote. The newly introduced category of aliens under Constitutional Amendment No. 17 is grossly unfair ” An electoral system that is inclusive and in particular encompasses a strong component of Proportional Representation ” The need to ensure adequate representation of women in Parliament in compliance with SADC and international protocols on gender. ” Removal of appointed senators which gives unfair advantage to the incumbent government ” The need for continuous voter education by all stakeholders. ” A people-driven constitution that encompasses an enabling electoral environment. ” The creation of a conducive environment that encourages full participation in economic and political development

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