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BERLIN - German activists marked International Day of Human Rights with a rally to protest against the brutal violations of human rights in Zimbabwe, in particular in the context of Operation Murambatsvina. Participants included those who had supported the struggle for independence in Zimbabwe in th

e seventies, as well as those who had accompanied and supported projects, schools, communities and NGOs in independent Zimbabwe for many years. The rally also marked the start of a campaign to collect signatures against the violations of human right in Zimbabwe. The petition with all the signatures will be handed over to the Zimbabwean Embassy in Berlin. A second petition will be sent to all the other embassies of SADC countries to ask them for their good services to move the government of Zimbabwe to respect the human rights. At the rally many people passing by were attracted by the sound of a very dynamic women Samba group and stopped to get information about the situation in Zimbabwe. There were posters, placards with demands, information sheets on Operation Murambatsvina, and also copies of the latest issue of The Zimbabwean. The main demands put forward to the Zimbabwean government were: ” Stop all violations of human rights immediately ” Stop Operation Murambatsvina immediately ” Provide food and shelter immediately for the victims of Operation Murambatsvina ” Take to court all those who are responsible for violations of human rights. On December 9 representatives of Amnesty International, The Harare Munich Partnership and the Zimbabwe Network had gone to the Zimbabwe Embassy in Berlin to hand over a petition that expressed concerns about arbitrary arrests of women from WOZA! (Women of Zimbabwe Arise!) and put forward the urgent appeal to President Mugabe to ensure the right to freedom of expression, association and assembly and to use his power to revise the repressive legislation in Zimbabwe concerning these matters. – Own correspondent

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