Mugabe secret admirer of Mzilikazi

EDITOR - Latest reports indicate that there is a Z$6 billion refurbishment in progress at Umzingwane High School, which has been blessed with hosting the Zanu (PF) Congress. Umzingwane is an old stamping ground for early settlers of the area. A leader by the name of Mzilikazi and his followers

arrived there in about 1838 – a sort of pre Chimurenga campaign, perhaps. History tells us that Mzilikazi and his followers became weary of Chaka’s Zulu version of democracy in Zululand at the time. Like so many Zimbabwean voters today – Mzilikazi and his people voted with their feet and left Chaka’s democracy. It appears that Robert Mugabe has always secretly admired Mzilikazi , even though he is not of Mzilikazi ‘s tribe. Seemingly, Mugabe attempted to emulate the trail of blood, and has now achieved his ambition so that he can also be recorded in history, accordingly.

Where Mugabe has shown himself to be in a class of his own is that he has left a trail of blood but simultaneously convinced the Vatican that he is a devout Catholic. It does not end there – Mugabe is the ultimate salesman of himself. He convinced Margaret Thatcher and Lord Carrington that he was committed to democracy and human rights, and also managed to get a couple of degrees along the way.

At the same time he has managed to court the Russians, the Chinese, the CFU, the ZTA, the MFA, the Libyans, Iranians and the Cubans. Of late he has mesmerised the South Africans and a few Senate-seeking MDC members in an inimitable manner. Ronny Kasrils now hangs on Robert’s every word about democracy and human rights – berating an indigenous journalist as an ignorant Doubting Thomas.

Ironically, this Congress could well have taken place in Tsholotsho – the place of Jonathon’s famous declaration – had it not been for the late John Hammond. He was headmaster when the “Tsholotsho School” relocated to Umzingwane – circa 1942, with the assistance of his staff (Roelke, Dabengwa, Mothobi, J. Nkomo and Bulle) and the students. Umzingwane is without a doubt the ideal spot for this great Zanu Congress. There are a number of heritage sites for delegates to feast on Zanu’s rich culture of arson, looting, rape and murder.

-New Adams and Olive Tree Farms where the 16 missionaries were murdered – including a six-week-old child, in November 1987, is just south west of Umzingwane. At least one pardoned Zanu hero from this incident was a leader in the farm invasions in 2002.

-Bhalagwe in the nearby Kezi district is a must for the delegates – the Fifth Brigade torture centre from the Gukurhundi – casualties from State torture procedures were taken away by the truckload and then dumped in the local mine shafts by the hundred.

-Zeederberg’s garage in the village – built by Cookie Zeederberg whose father ran the mail coach system in the 1890s. An ironic monument to a bygone era (that era between horse drawn coach and the present Zanu anarchy) – where motorists bought petrol for about 50 years.

-Tshonalunga Farm, some five km from the now obsolete garage where the Zanu Youth Brigade torched the homes and personal effects of some 200 people resulting in the instant destruction of a multimillion dollar rose and citrus project and the jobs that went with it.

-Adjacent to Tshonalunga Farm is the late Johnson Nhlovu’s farm. He, along with Lookout Masuku and Dumiso Dabengwa, was imprisoned by Mugabe for re-education resulting in Dumiso’s devotion to the party.

-Lindmill Farm next door was seized in 2002 and handed to the local Police officer, Inspector Ma(PF)ua for outstanding services rendered in proclaiming that the Tshonalunga arson was a non police incident because it was “political.”

-The formerly productive commercial farms in the Ncema, Lunga, Inyankuni and Insiza river system which is Bulawayo’s water catchment area, and is now being thoroughly, vigorously and intentionally degraded by Zanu’s new land tenure system. This is an exciting second phase disaster (Zanu planned) with typhoid, cholera and dysentry as the prize for Bulawayo residents just like Harare and Chitungwiza.

-The Beit Hall – with Rhodes and Beit’s portraits staring down at the feasting and jollificating delegates (like Mr. Chanetsa?) oblivious to the starving millions around the country.

Many people are well aware that Father Paul Andrionatos called upon God for Zanu to be cursed, and how that call has been answered since then. But what about the curses that Zanu have earned but not received as yet for their 20,000 murder victims in Matabeleland? And now the murderers are returning to the Matabeleland killing and burial grounds of the Gukuruhundi, to dance and sing about the murders they committed – openly taunting for more curses to brought upon themselves.

It will be fascinating for us to witness the steady flow of curses unfold upon Zanu as they openly celebrate the murders they committed.


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