Police loot farm equipment

EDITOR - The past few weeks have seen the Farm Materials Equipment Committee consisting of police, prison officers, CIO, armed army personal and lands officers, all from Masvingo, raiding farms and commercial properties in the Masvingo, Mwenezi and Chiredzi districts and taking billions of dollars o

f equipment.

This was done illegally. They did not even follow the government’s own distorted law regarding the acquiring of equipment and materials. Even the judges have agreed that this process was illegal and have granted Provisional Orders to farmers to have their equipment returned. This in itself is an indicator of the illegality of what they have done, because most of these judges in the past have joined the looting and usually side with this government’s criminal acts.

But despite the farmers getting these Provisional Orders from the high court to have their property returned, the police in Chiredzi and Masvingo have gone ahead and shared out the looted property amongst themselves and Chefs, supposedly by auctions held on November 28 and 29. The A2 settlers in the Lowveld are extremely angry because they did not benefit from this. The CFU and other authorities pleaded with higher government officials to put a stop to these latest criminal acts, but to no avail. This seems to indicate that the orders are coming from the highest authority in Zimbabwe.

The remaining farmers in this part of the country were using the equipment that has been stolen from them to farm the small pieces of land they have been left with. Those who had all their land taken were contracting to the three Estates and other farmers. This has effectively left these people and their workers without a means of earning a living.

The police in Zimbabwe have, in the past six years, stopped being the purveyors of justice and have willingly assisted with government-inspired criminal activities, civilians have been threatened with guns, shot at, beaten and at least one person killed at a police stations in Zimbabwe.

I personally have had an Inspector cock a 9mm pistol and put it against my head in the police station in Chiredzi. Who do we turn to now? It’s time the world leaders put in place a powerful body to which a country that is in trouble with a dictator can appeal for rescue. The Zimbabwe government has committed genocide several times, the international community and the United Nations have virtually ignored this. Some of them, including the United Nations, have even assisted this evil regime.

G. WHITEHEAD, Masvingo

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