Poll boycott success boosts MDC

BY OWN CORRESPONDENT HARARE  Zanu (PF) has been reduced to using strong-arm tactics on its own members in a desperate bid to stop them deserting to the newly-formed United People's Moveme

nt. It would appear that UPM has eroded the ruling partys support base in the Midlands and Masvingo to such an extent that alarm bells are ringing. Emmerson Mnangagwa, minister for rural housing and amenities, last week threatened Zanu (PF) supporters not to defect to the opposition in a move seen as evidence of panic and deepening divisions within the party. Mnangagwa is mistaken. He should steer away from political movements and shifts in the hearts and minds of our hard-pressed nation. He should inform the nation on how many houses, if any, in the rural areas he has improved during the past six months. The people of Zimbabwe are now united under the banner of the MDC and are determined to fight the Zanu (PF) dictatorship from all fronts. The Senate election exposed Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF) has disintegrated in the Midlands, Masvingo, Manicaland, Bulawayo, Harare and many other parts of the country because of the ongoing factionalism and the emergence of the UPM, whose political catchment area was supposed to anchor within the mainstream Zanu (PF). In Masvingo, for instance, the party does not even have functional structures, said Nelson Chamisa, MP, MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity. Zanu (PF) remains hanging onto rag-tag elements of the old guard whose peers were recently selected for the Senate, a moribund institution designed to buttress Robert Mugabes patronage system, he added. Chamisa said the record low poll in last weeks senatorial elections confirmed that the ruling partys support base had dwindled significantly. The low voter turnout shows that the party faithful have crossed the floor and joined the MDC, especially in the rural areas. The people gave Zanu (PF) a vote of no confidence and listened to the MDC message to stay away from the useless Senate election, said Chamisa. The MDC is set for a comprehensive renewal process. Our Congress process is moving on smoothly and a new, robust and vibrant organization is now in the making following the Zanu (PF)-inspired turbulence that has rocked our organization over the past two months. We are on a firm ground, directing the political agenda and in charge of a message that resonates with the majority, he said confidently.

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