Pressure to close Lindela

JOHANNESBURG - Fifty social movements organisations in South Africa are going to pressure the South African government to close the Zimbabwean embassy and Lindela Concentration Camp as they pledge solidarity to the Zimbabwean situation. The grassroots organisations under the Social Movements Indaba

agreed to confront the government to close the embassy as it is serving the interests of Robert Mugabe regime. They noted that millions of Zimbabweans had failed to get any assistance from the embassy based in Pretoria. “Our struggle for our Zimbabwe colleagues should centre around the closure of the embassy and Thabo Mbeki should kick out the ambassador out of the country because of deterioration situation in the country. The government should also close Lindela because of the camp has now become a death trap,” said a statement. The meeting agreed to stage demonstrations and pickets demanding the rights of refugees and the activities will be spread around the country. SMI organisers said it is disheartening to witness Zimbabweans who fled from Mugabe regime perish in Lindela. The Zimbabwe embassy was accused of failing to protect Zimbabweans in South Africa and were at the forefront of instigating violence and arrests of Zimbabweans in South Africa. “We cannot have Lindela in our midst and we should lobby vigorously in our struggle for the closure of the camp. We do not want to segregate our brothers and sisters by putting them in Lindela to die,said one activists from KwaZulu Natal. Dale Mckinley, a South African activist said, “Zimbabwean activists in South Africa should move around South Africa sensitising the ordinary South African about the Zimbabwe situation. Right now there is propaganda about Zimbabwe situation and people do not know what is happening on the ground.”  CAJ News

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