PTUZ sets up database

JOHANNESBURG  The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has denied reports that it has been involved in negotiations with its South African counterpart to facilitate the employment of 1000 Zimbabwean teachers in that country. "It is however true that PTUZ, SA is engaged in a registration proc

ess of Zimbabwean teachers in South Africa,” said Chairperson Bongani Nyathi in a statement issued this week. “This is for the database of the organization. It could however be possible for that information to be used to assist those teachers who need help. Our organisation regards most Zimbabwean teachers here as victims of the political situation at home.”

Nyathi said there were more than 10 000 qualified Zimbabwean teachers in South Africa, most of whom were not practising as teachers but were employed by other industries.

“Around 3000 are employed by private colleges. Only a small fraction of about 50 are employed by government. It is obvious from these figures that teachers, the largest professional group outside the country, most of whom will have preferred to teach in Zimbabwe will not simply flock to South Africa because of the alleged pact between PTUZ and its unnamed counterpart but because of deep-seated political problems in Zimbabwe,” added Nyathi. (The error is regretted  Ed)ZBC ‘interviews’ ghost student leader

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