Santa’s support Vigil

LONDON - Santa visited the Vigil today. Dozens of Father Christmases swamped us on their way down the Strand to wherever Santas go a week before the big night. They were part of a regiment of red-robed revellers who brought a blaze of colour to a cold day. They signed our petitions, played our dr

ums and joined in the singing and dancing.

Many passers-by commented on a recent BBC Newsnight report (see P12), which went further than anything else in showing the desperate situation at home. Video link:

Well done to the small group of supporters (from as far afield as Sheffield and Birmingham) who braved the freezing weather – our coldest Vigil so far this winter. We meet again tomorrow – Christmas Eve, all thinking of loved ones back in Zimbabwe.

FOR THE RECORD: about 25 supporters came today. Next Central London Zimbabwe Forum – Monday, 9th January 2006 at the Theodore Bullfrog pub, 28 John Adam Street, London WC2.

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