We are not afraid!

So Zanu is now resorting to sending thugs to South Africa to destroy newspapers it doesn't like. We condemn this dastardly act in the strongest of terms. It is the work of enemies of the truth. This kind of thuggery, as reported on the front page of this week's issue, is to be expected inside Z

imbabwe, where the rule of law is whatever Zanu (PF) wants it to be. Fortunately, in South Africa, that is not the case.

The Zimbabwean, as a duly-registered company, is a corporate citizen of South Africa. As such, we are entitled to enjoy the protection of the law against the actions of hired gangsters, who boast openly that they have been rewarded by Zanu (PF) with farms, food and stolen agricultural equipment.

This newspaper is available for those who believe in access to information. Our readers need not necessarily share our views. Our mission is to provide alternative viewpoints for open-minded people to ponder – Zimbabweans and others. We offer a platform for debate, for the exchange of ideas and opinions – a far cry, sadly, from what is allowed in Zimbabwe today.

Space in our columns has been offered to both the ruling party and the opposition MDC as well as many civil society groups and organizations. Zanu (PF) has chosen not to take up this opportunity, while MDC and others have availed themselves of the proffered platform.

The Zimbabwean operates from South Africa simply because of the Zimbabwe government’s intolerance of alternative voices inside the country. The government has an atrocious record of banning independent newspapers – five in the last two years. It has recently begun confiscating the passports of its opponents.

It regularly arrests and harasses independent journalists, and in the case of Mark Chavunduka and Ray Choto, tortured them for several days. Its agents have bombed printing presses and independent media houses. Recently it has confiscated equipment from the office of the Voice of the People and locked up its staff for days before taking them to court.

But if the government of Zimbabwe thinks that sending its hired thugs to destroy copies of our newspapers in South Africa will force us to stop publishing, they had better think again.

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