Zims abroad not spineless

EDITOR - The assertion that Zimbabweans living abroad are spineless is a total misconception, hence it cannot go unchallenged. I am outraged. Be it political or economic, their motives to go abroad are justified. It must be realized that failure to overthrow the government is not largely due to

the people’s fear but the management of civic groups, which is characterised by chaos and individualism.

Leaders of NCA,WOZA, ZCTU and others lack the knack to guide, inspire and mobilise masses to take to the streets and manifest their disobedience to the evil dictatorship. With the absence of leadership, people have begun to despair. They need to continue with their lives. Their families need to be fed, clothed and educated. People cannot waste their precious time waiting to be persistently taken for a ride by political imposters.

From one dimension, this argument takes us back to the era of the struggle against colonialism. Should we say those who exiled themselves to neighbouring countries during the liberation war were too afraid or spineless to face the colonial regime? My answer is a resounding “no.”

It is well-documented that POSA and AIPPA have reduced political and private media space making it difficult to operate from Zimbabwe. It is easier to plan and strategise once outside the country. We still love our country and have the spirit to see Mugabe removed from power.

JAY ZAT, Johannesburg

23 December 2005
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