A warning to SA

EDITOR - The South Africans have embarked on a suicidal method to kill their democracy. Boycotting elections when they are held in a free and fair atmosphere is fatal. If the nation is not happy about the performances of one party, then the best solution to air discontent is to vote for the othe

r party. Everybody must be involved in such national issues as elections. One must never be left out for whatever reasons.

We want to warn South Africans never to stop participating in elections as we made the same fatal mistake in the late 80’s and the 90’s. The time we realised we had made a fatal mistake, it was too late, because the system had fortressed itself and could not be shaken. We now wanted to vote but that was now a privilege rather than a right.

SA : Go our in full force and vote. Do not let other people decide your destiny, you have to have a voice in your country. You are lucky in that you are still able to go and vote for a party of your own choice therefore use this opportunity to say your sentiments before it is snatched away from you because it will.


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