Biggest mansion in Africa

HARARE - Property-owners neighbouring President Robert Mugabe's -6 million luxury retirement mansion in Borrowdale Brook have received written warning that their houses will be confiscated by the state. The mansion has been described as 'probably the largest private dwelling in Africa'. The three fl

oors amount to approximately four acres and include a ballroom, media complex and 24 bedrooms. The Chinese-styled palace overlooks dams and a newly-planted 50-acre garden protected by a 12ft wall. The interior includes a Moroccan-style public room, plastered by north African craftsmen. Original Chinese decorations have been used in several other public rooms. Letters sent to 15 homeowners in the area last week from the valuation department of the Local Government Ministry, saying: “This serves to advise you that your property falls in a designated security area in terms of general notice of 255 of 2004, and we will be in contact with you soon with a view to inspecting your house for valuation purposes.” An estate agent specialising in Borrowdale properties, said: “These letters wiped out the value of any property close to the president’s palace. Those who have actually received letters warning them their homes will be acquired must know that they will never be able to sell their homes and that they will receive no compensation.” – Own correspondent

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