Birthday celebrations obscene

Elsewhere in this issue we carry a story about Zimbabweans being forced to fork out millions of dollars that they don't have so that Zanu (PF) supporters can once again gorge themselves at a celebration of their aging leader's 82nd birthday party. In the light of the fact that millions of our p

eople are starving, foraging for roots and wild fruits to feed their emaciated children, this is obscene.

We condemn this extortion on behalf of the government in the strongest possible terms, and commiserate with the still-employed civil servants who undoubtedly will once again fall victim to ‘voluntary/compulsory’ deductions from their salaries at source. We encourage them to resist this illegal practice with a lot more backbone than they have demonstrated thus far.

If Mugabe wants to throw a party to celebrate his birthday, let him jolly well pay for it himself like everybody else does.

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