British tycoon exposes Mugabe

EDITOR - Revelations by British tycoon and Robert Mugabe's bosom buddy, Nicholas van Hoogstraten, that he lent the Zimbabwean leader US$10 million must come as an eye-opener to Zimbabweans suffering from a debilitating economic crisis. The revelations are astounding in many respects. Not only has

Mugabe branded the MDC an ally of white Britons, but he has also banned opposition parties from receiving foreign funding while he continues to receive largesse and donations from the same. Mugabe cannot have his cake and eat it.

Van Hoogstraten says Mugabe gave him security to the loan in excess of trillions of Zimbabwe dollars. We are not sure what the Zimbabwean leader wanted to use the money for but Mugabe, who has an annual salary of less than Z$90 million, certainly does not have assets running into such ridiculous amounts unless he is mortgaging national assets.

It highly deplorable that Mugabe continues to brand the MDC as an ally of the British and as a party with insatiable appetite for foreign largesse while he continues to hobnob with British tycoons such as van Hoogstraten. It is deplorable that Mugabe gets such a large amount, which can feed a Zimbabwean village for five years, while the rest of the nation wallows in abject poverty and hunger.

We in the MDC, on behalf of Zimbabweans, demand full details of this murky transaction in the national interest. Otherwise we allow the dictator to mortgage our future to a British citizen. This explicitly underscores why we say we need a new beginning and a Zimbabwe free of corruption and with a transparent leadership answerable to its people.

NELSON CHAMISA; Secretary for Information and Publicity, Harare

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