Calling all women

EDITOR - I am look to Zimbabwean women to be the bridge to the future of human kind in our country's crisis. It is my belief as a man of today that the women of today must bring unique leadership styles in Zimbabwean communities, which are focused on building our real values basing on cooperation, k

indness, honesty, compassion, and more nurturing.

Women have the capability to turn around the crisis that has been created by Zimbabwean men for their selfish, and self satisfaction without considering the poor and long suffering people of Zimbabwe.

There are many selfish men who are in leadership in our country. They have been trying to quick fix the crisis but at the same time rushing to practice corruption.

I am dying to see Zimbabwean women working hard to improve their peers who are tied up right, left, front, back, and center back home.

Ladies, to truly make a turn around in that country, there is need for women’s effort here to work together with men and we need to know deeply not lightly that we are part of, not apart from, which is something greater and quite enduring.

Just before I go, I have to give you an assignment to do on your spare time. Please open your bibles and look for Proverbs 31 verse 10-31. It reminds me of my late number one(1) mom. How beautiful is it that God Himself did not limit you women?

NICHOLAS MADA, Zimbabwean activist for democracy, USA

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