‘Comrade loyal whistleblowers’

EDITOR - Zanu (PF) has remained consistent in showing everybody how it can vary the use of its master tool of control - fear of persecution. As Zanu has systematically destroyed the family unit as the cornerstone of society, millions of Zimbabweans have now become completely desperate to make a livi

ng to survive.

Zanu’s hunger for power and money knows no bounds. The ever-versatile regime has developed actor mujibas to service the new niche they have created. Zanu refers to these as “Comrade Loyal Whistleblowers.” The process is simple. As soon as an appeaser has fallen out of favour with the “current crocodile inner circle,” he or she becomes fair game to go on to the plate rather than carry the plate to the crocodile for dinner. Next step, the inner circle decide on a deserving Comrade who could do with a healthy commission, and give him the nod to make the big formal and public display of his find. Of course Good Old Gideon (and some of his advisers?) are all part of the charade and The Herald are on hand make a good story of it all.

Who can blame Alexander Downer, Jack Straw or the Comonwealth for not choosing to buy tickets for the Zanu production of “Little Lords Robert and Gideon and the Whistleblowers?” The auditions list, like that of the fallen appeasers now on the menu, has proved to get longer and more varied with time. In 2000 Dr. Zvobgo alerted us to “the Zanu metamorphosis from Zanu PF to Zanu PLC.” But while there are takers for part of Whistleblower, and for Crocodile Waiter – the show must go on. Voltaire has his own words for Zanu – “Divided in interest, united in crime.”


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