Crisis in teaching profession

EDITOR - It is interesting that Zanu (PF) passed a resolution at its congress that 'salaries and conditions of service of teachers have to be looked into as they are lowly paid, a development that has resulted in most of them deserting the profession'.(The Chronicle 13/12/05.) It is surprising to

note that the party is aware of the suffering of the teachers yet it has done so little about that than postulate and politic in its conferences just to come with meaningless resolutions, aimed at gaining political mileage at the expense of starving and highly demoralised teachers. Teachers need more than empty promises of salary hikes, which they know will be worthless the moment they are announced. The teachers crisis needs more than fire fighting mechanisms and piecemeal solutions but a permanent solution which is going to address even the economic problems which are the recent cause of the current crisis in the teaching profession.

We are quite fascinated by the fact that Zanu (PF) wants to play messiah in a crisis the root cause of which can be traced to its insensitivity to the plight of teachers.

We urge them to look more seriously into the plight of teachers and not to waste time on empty, useless promises and resolutions


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