Disturbed by Morgan

EDITOR - I am disturbed by the similarities in speech between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai. He insults the pro-senate group just like Mugabe insults his opponents. He claims that Zanu (PF) bought the pro-senate group just like Robert Mugabe claims that the West bought him. He talks of 'I will

do this and do that’ as if everything rests with him just like Robert Mugabe. What about the committee he leads?

He says the pro-senate group did not win the seven seats but was given by Zanu (PF), therefore, the few Parliamentary seats the MDC won in March was also a gift, so, I look forward to the MDC giving back those seats to Zanu (PF) by their MPs resigning from the upper house. Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. That’s fair.

By the way, Robert Mugabe had very credible evidence from Ben Menashe that Morgan Tsvangirai wanted to eliminate him, just as he has credible evidence that Zanu (PF) bought Welshman Ncube!

Nelson Chamisa should also guard his tongue lest he becomes another Jonathan Moyo before he left Zanu (PF)! Some wise people say resorting to insulting your opponent shows that one is bereft of ideas. Food for thought.

M. J. SIKHOSANA, (Anti-Abusive Language), Masvingo

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