Do they have a conscience?

EDITOR - It is with a heavy heart that I write about Zimbabwe. This country used to be a pride to me with its beauty and it's friendly and vibrant people. Now all this has been taken over by a dark cloud of GLOOM. I have heard the old say it is better to go back to the Smith regime because we had

enough to eat and roofs over our heads. I did not experience the Smith regime but I know for certain that it is painful to be oppressed but it is a killer when the oppressor is of the same colour! Your brother your father!

Zimbabwe is to be enjoyed by the rich whilst the poor die destitute, alone. The Sunshine City only shines for those ‘few’. Do these people have a conscience at all? Do they sleep soundly in their lavish houses at night knowing that the most of the people are out there in the winter cold? Do they fill their stomachs on the comfort of knowing that thousands are starving because their means of survival has been uprooted over-night?

I am neither politician nor saint but what I know is the government should at least have tackled the already existing problems before giving us fresh problems. Our attention is not diverted from the malpractice by these turmoils. We can see and feel the blow and you know who else can……GOD!


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