Executive Mayors scrapped

HARARE - The government is to scrap the position of elected Executive Mayors and replace them with their own Chief Executive Officers. Precious Shumba, Information Officer for the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA), says government is set to implement recommendations by a 'turn-around' com

mittee led by Chester Mhende. “The government has realised it cannot win mayoral elections so is going to make the position one based on appointment. This is already the case with several commissions running Harare, Mutare, and very soon Chitungwiza. Losing Zanu (PF) candidates in local government polls are usually accommodated in the makeshift commissions,” he said. Shumba accused the illegal commission running Harare of trying to sneak in a new budget for the city without consulting residents, and described the banning of tuck shops as an arbitrary decision that had no force in law. Tuck shop owners had been in business for years and paid council rates. He stressed that this was the symptom of having un-elected leaders who merely pander to the whims of those who appointed them. – SW Radio Africa

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