Homelink update

OWN CORRESPONDENT LONDON - A meeting is taking place this week between agents acting for Masimba Msipa and disgruntled Homelink customer Tendai Mauchaza, whose beef against Msipa was highlighted in The Zimbabwean last week. Following that report, Msipa contacted this newspaper to complain. H

e was assured of his right of reply and promised to give his side of the story – which he had not done at the time of going to press. Contacted for comment Mauchaza said Msipa had phoned him and accused him of misrepresenting the facts.

Meanwhile, another Zimbabwean (name supplied) has reported being duped through the Homelink scheme. He bought a house in Mufakose for -22 000, but when he realised that he could have got something much better for his money he cancelled the deal. He told The Zimbabwean that the people he dealt with had been extremely rude and abusive and that it had taken him three months to get his money back.

“I was impressed by the Reserve Bank’s Road show in UK two years ago and believed it was a good scheme. But I was totally wrong. It is a disaster,” he said.

Please contact us about your experience with Homelink.

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