Let’s be brave

EDITOR - I was born in Filabusi in the southern part of Zimbabwe. A country I can hardly remember. The only thing I still remember vividly is my teachers and friends when we were teasing each other about our future, to others it happened in a positive way. I left my country hoping that I would make

a change for my family and neighbours, but this only led to pity and sorrow.

My countrymen, let us show the world that we do care about Zim as we all know who is standing in our way. Although to others they might think about surrendering and turning their back on their families, I say: No, let’s be brave. The time will come when the sun will shine forever.

I am saying to all the outsiders: Please stand with us as we are being oppressed by our notorious dictactor and his compatriot. Enough is enough: We are not scared of him. What is he thinking about the economy and currency? I know to him human beings are flies. You lunatic old man who can’t see the tears of your people. I want to reunite with my family, but under these circumstances I can’t. It will be like making a restaurant inside a grave. Let us stand and fight for our freedom!

A DUBE, South Africa

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