MDC under pressure to withdraw from all elections

LONDON - The MDC is under pressure from its membership to withdraw from Parliament and all elected bodies involving Zanu (PF), said Grace Kwinjeh, MDC Representative to the European Union. In an impassioned address to the Forum of the Central London Branch of the MDC this week, Ms Kwinjeh said th

e party was being forced into this position by Mugabe’s persistent rigging of elections and the failure of regional states to support democracy. People had given up hope of change through the ballot box.

She said a new strategy had been adopted to take the argument back to the basic principles: democracy and human rights. It would involve taking a leading role in the Broad Alliance of civil activists tackling the Mugabe regime on the ground.

Kwinjeh said the rebels in the MDC had failed to derail the party and Morgan Tsvangirai remained the person the people were supporting. Recent rallies – she said – had been amazingly successful. The departure of the rebels allowed a realignment to push the struggle forward with a common purpose.

Kwinjeh condemned South Africa’s dishonesty in legitimising the stolen elections and suggested that Pretoria had an agenda to play off Welshman Ncube against Morgan Tsvangirai. She expressed satisfaction that some 300 people had attended the MDC UK Assembly in Birmingham in Sunday and had expressed overwhelming support in the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai.

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