MDC Youth dismayed

EDITOR - We as the MDC Youth in the UK are totally dismayed by the actions of Washington Ali and his disciples or followers. It is now clear that Ali and Suzeet Kwenda have so many differences with the District Executive, that is, the vice chair, the secretary, the treasurer, the organising departme

nt and the youth.

We as the youth recognise the resolution passed on Washington Ali by a Disciplinary Committee set by himself that he was found guilty of misconduct in his position of trust. It is evident that there has been failure by Mr Ali to account for the funds generated for the party through the sale of membership cards.

We as the youth also view this in serious light. We have noted that after his failure to account for what he had passed down his throat illegally, he had to find a way out! Thus, claiming that he had dissolved the District Executive and spreading the word that he had formed new structures- despite the fact that he was on suspension.

What is so disconcerting is the support of his followers who have decided to deliberately not understand the constitution of the organisation they belong to. In any form of society, there are systems and procedures to be followed, even ants have a system they follow in order to survive as a unit on and under the earth surface. As the youth in the UK we challenge the Zimbabweans to shun tribalism, to shun regionalism, to shun corruption and demand that our leaders uphold the constitution as they expect us to.

We therefore demand that Mr Ali does the honourable thing and abides by his suspension and refrain immediately from masquarading as the current Chairman of the MDC UK. We also ask those opportunists like Matthew Nyashanu, Makusha Mugabe and all those illegally elected on January 8th to desist from causing further chaos.

We must remember that we are guests in the UK and must not abuse the trust of the people of our host nation. Please be reminded that the meeting on the 22nd of January is still on, the Zimbabwe agenda will be discussed in place of discussing people, which had been a hallmark of meetings under Mr Ali’s leadership.

Lastly, we would like to say to the masses of lovely Zimbabweans in diaspora, lets refrain from supporting people on tribal grounds, for personal gains and remember that we must stamp out corruption. If we have not learnt anything for the past 26 years from Zanu ( (PF)) and Mugabe, then it means that we as Zimbabweans have a much bigger problem than him and his regime.

MDC Youth Department, UK

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