Moment of truth

EDITOR - I have been silent for too long without uttering my views. My fellow brothers and sisters at home or elsewhere - this is the moment of truth. I was there at Gukurahundi and I was there when we voted for Mugabe 1980. I was there again when we crowned him again 1985,1990 and 1995. I was there

again when he robbed the 2000 election. The 2002 Presidential election – we were robbed when were sitting at home whilst Tobaiwa Mudede played around with the figures.

We can go in large numbers to the voting booth and vote against Mugabe, but we will never remove him that way. Mugabe came to the helm of leadership through the blood of many people. So through the loss of blood of his faithful ones he will also go out. Mugabe has beyond reasonable doubt frustrated everyone, including children. He has starved a country, he has destroyed almost everything – and created racism, tribalism, hatred amongst people.

Mugabe, if you have used a ladder to go up, the same ladder will take you down, if you have used a rocket to go to moon, the same rocket will take you down. There is no need for us to fear you any more because we are dead already, you have killed us. Arise brothers and sisters. Say no to harassment and intimidation, the army has nothing to do to us- let’s face it with all the mighty. Together we can win, only personal confrontation will remove him. At least I have spoken, without fear, for fear has been eroded away with hunger, unemployment and day to day abuses.

GENZO, Harare

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