Students re-group

EDITOR - The student executive council at the University of Zimbabwe regrouped ahead of the 2006 academic year. The student leaders resolved to continue fighting for the rights of students both at UZ and at national level. The president of the executive council urged all members to be prepared for a

head on collision with the government as they have remained intransigent over improving the conditions of learning and living in state institutions. They noted with concern the deterioration of life not only in universities but also in local communities, and the total disregard of human rights by the government and have resolved to soldier on.

South African students drove the struggle against apartheid and Indonesian students were an important aspect in the ousting of their leader.

If 2005 was a year of arrest, detention and torture then 2006 is a year to sacrifice life for a new Zimbabwe. The students have been hard hit by the macro-economic conditions characterised by hyper-inflationary conditions, which have reduced the payouts to nothing. The leadership has put in place plans for a national students convention that will then set the platform for action in Zimbabwe.

Mfundo Mlilo, H Mavuma, C Chibango, W Mahohoma, T Murai, T Chitekwe, G Kajau, Harare

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