The Patriotic Military Forum

EDITOR - We announce the creation of the Patriotic Military Forum, the Voice of Soldiers. We are the Command Council. We are officers from the ranks of the Zimbabwean Defence Forces who have held always to the worthy ideals. Some of us are War Veterans from the Second Chimurenga. Each one of us serv

es the nation and the Revolution. We are not an opposition party. We spilt our blood in the Chimurenga. We reject the imperialists and their puppets.

Comrade President Robert Mugabe is the leader of the Chimurenga and our father in the Struggle. He has smitten our oppressors. We thank God for him. But our Zimbabwe labours under tribulation. Corruption and greed are everywhere. We cannot defend the Government when the government does not defend the people. Our children are not fed. Our patriotic forces lack fuel and equipments. See, Zimbabwe!

The water needs to flow.

It is time for the Comrade President to accept the gratitude of the nation. He has laboured long in the vineyard. He should take his rest.

We demand the removal of all selfish ministers like Minister Chombo, they are the ones who are guilty of corruption and incompetence and the suffering of the people and they will pay the price.

We have spoken. We will speak again. We call on the loyal sons and daughters of Zimbabwe to listen.


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