Three Zimbabwean spies denied bail

HARARE - Zimbabwean High Court Judge Bharat Patel this week denied bail to two senior officials of the ruling party and a banker convicted of espionage, saying they were likely to abscond if let out of prison. The three, diplomat Godfrey Dzvairo, Zanu (PF) external affairs director Itai Marchi and b

anker Tendai Matambanadzo were sentenced to a total 16 years in prison for allegedly violating the Official Secrets Act. The three men have appealed against both conviction and sentence. Their appeal is expected to be heard at the end of the month but they had in the meanwhile applied to the court to be released on bail pending the outcome of the appeal. But Patel said there was little prospect that the three men’s appeal would succeed, adding that this made the possibility of them skipping bail high because this was the only way they could avoid a prolonged stay in jail. – ZimOnline

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